Our Story

Salayfa was established in 2017 by a mother and her four daughters – each with their own take on modest fashion. Growing up, the task of finding clothing that both looked good and was fully able to cover us seemed almost impossible – there was always a need for a jacket or an inside top, which didn’t always look as good as we’d hoped! And that is how Salayfa was born!

Our Aim

is to help provide women with stylish and flattering clothing without the need to compromise on her personal ethics and beliefs. Something we totally believe is that modest fashion is not just for the Muslim women, but for women of all faiths and backgrounds! Here at Salayfa, we think that women deserve to feel special. So we try to ensure that there is a level of exclusivity in our clothing. All our clothing is made in low runs to ensure that the likelihood of bumping into someone wearing the exact same thing as you is as low as possible!